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"Such a Wonderful Gift you give! I am inspired by your extraordinary artistry. You are true treasures. Love, Neale"
-- Neale Donald Walsch - Best selling author, "Conversations With God" series

"Hennebach has enough personality and talent to stand out in the long line of pianist singer/songwriters. Her clear, high voice holds special appeal, and her songwriting is full of exquisitely observed detail."
-- Steve Holtje, Huh Magazine

"Hennebach's style sweeps me up and away every time...Hennebach demonstrates an amazing amount of creativity...Captivating."
Sing Out

"Contemporary and timeless."
-- Daniel Aloi, Star Gazette

"Hennebach's music is gritty and glamorous along with being awesome and accessible. With her on piano and Saunders on strings, Hennebach's soaring vocals present uplifting takes on love of all types. And Big big fun as the two have created a seamless project that wonderfully succeeds in offering inspiration, appreciation, hope and faith."
-- James Guyette, The Cleveland Free Times, WRUW

"I wept more than once. Hooray for the two of you -- you and Mark have come up with a wonderful, wonderful piece of work."
-- Bob Franke, songwriter, referring to CD "Big Love"

"A one of a kind artist...Hennebach weaves a blend of folk music and pop street smarts with insightful lyrics. [In performance] she is one of those rare artists who can bring an entire room to a hushed silence with nothing more than her voice."
-- Brad Harvey, Oil the Music Magazine

"A sensitive and brilliant musician who is often compared to Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush, yet I think that she's more than the two of them combined...and she has created a superb anthology of touching, sensitive, gracefully human songs. [Margo Hennebach and Michaelean] are two of the best albums I heard this year! Highly praised and recommended." -- Stavros Moschopoulos, FAO CASA Gazette, Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N., Rome, Italy

"[Hennebach] embodies the best qualities of the singer-songwriter scene. She scales down her compositions to allow intimacy but with enough pop smarts to keep you hooked. If you're looking to get your heart broken in an evening, check her out..."

"On Sunday evening, [the audience] was treated to one of the finest solo performances it's been my privilege to experience. The star was Margo Hennebach...It is doubtful that any of them will forget the evening's musical intensity, ever."
-- Josh Ribakove, The Music Press

"Hennebach's ability to convey an authentic sense of tradition with elegant simplicity and tonal grace carries the true sense of the songs and carols over every barrier. [Comfort and Joy] is an inevitable collector's treasure."
-- Gary Alexander, Woodstock Times

Margo's songs take the listener to another realm. Her melodies and poem-prose transform the minute detail of her life and those around her into a highly spiritual art form. Mark Saunders guitar work is extraordinary. Employing two hand tapping, whammy bar wiggling, cross-picking, open tunings, and great fingers-style technique, he adds dynamics, melodic interest, and rich texture to the arrangements. Mark's virtuosity, Margo's songs, and the combined on- stage intimacy of these two soul mates makes for a captivating, concert- performance experience. -- Chaula Hopefisher, Kripalu

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