Margo Hennebach

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"Hennebach has enough personality and talent to stand out in the long line of pianist singer/songwriters. Her clear, high voice holds special appeal, and her songwriting is full of exquisitely observed detail."
-- Steve Holtje, Huh Magazine

Michaelean is the stunning follow-up to Margo Hennebach's self-titled debut. Dubbed "the piano album", Margo shares with her listeners a deep exploration of her celtic influences as well as more personal experiences. Dedicated to her family, the title track is about her sister, who like Margo, was adopted as an infant. "I was struck by my sister's drive to know who she was before she was adopted, and her relief at discovering the name she had been given at birth. This name was Michaelean. During the course of recording this project, I too searched for my birth name and birth mother. Sadly I learned that she passed away in 1981, but I did find out that she was an aspiring writer, and that she played and taught piano, voice, and flute."

Michaelean was produced by Dave Seitz, and features guest appearances by many artists including Denny McDermott (Steely Dan), Michael Visceglia (Suzanne Vega), Stephanie Winters (The Nudes), and of course, Madwoman in the Attic.


Margo: vocal, piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, synth,
Carol Sharar: violin on "I Don't Sing", Viola on "Michaelean", "She Moved Through The Fair",
Mark Saunders: acoustic and electric guitars on "I Don't Sing", acoustic guitar on "Mercy", electric guitar on "Dotted Line", "All That You Are",
Michael Visceglia: bass on "I Don't Sing", "The Fisherman's Wife", "Mercy", "Sandgate Dandling", "Dotted Line",
Mark Dann: drum programming on "I Don't Sing", upright bass on "Paper Cuts",
Marshal Rosenberg: cymbals, bongos, triangle on "I Don't Sing", cymbals on "Michaelean", percussion on "Fireflies and Windows", congas, cymbals on "Mercy", cymbals, congas, toys on "Paper Cuts", percussion on "Dotted Line", cymbals, film can on "She Moved Through The Fair",
Stephanie Winters: cello on "Michaelean", "Remembering", "Paper Cuts",
Mindy Jostyn: harmonica, background vocals on "Fireflies and Windows", violin on "Sandgate Dandling",
Gregg Marks: electric guitar on "Fireflies and Windows",
Dan Krimm: bass on "Fireflies and Windows", "All That You Are", "She Moved Through The Fair", fretless bass on "The Fisherman's Wife",
Denny McDermott: drums on "Fireflies and Windows", "Mercy", "Sandgate Dandling", "Dotted Line",
Tim Carbone: electric violin on "The Fisherman's Wife", violin on "Mercy",
Barb Merjan: drums, percussion on "The Fisherman's Wife",
Paul Kovit: Mandolin on "Sandgate Dandling", guitar, mandolin on "She Moved Through The Fair",
Greg Gerson: flute on "Sandgate Dandling", "She Moved Through The Fair",
David Liebowitz: military snare on "Sandgate Dandling",
Madwoman in the Attic (Margo, Adrienne Jones, Diane Chodkowski): harmony vocals on "The Fisherman's Wife",
Madwomen in the Attic and Janice Kollar: vocals on "All That You Are".