Margo Hennebach

Big Love
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Big Love

"Hennebach's music is gritty and glamorous along with being awesome and accessible. With her on piano and Saunders on strings, Hennebach's soaring vocals present uplifting takes on love of all types. And Big big fun as the two have created a seamless project that wonderfully succeeds in offering inspiration, appreciation, hope and faith."
-- James Guyette, The Cleveland Free Times, WRUW

Big Love is Margo's third album on 1-800 Prime CD and the striking follow up to Margo Hennebach and Michaelean. In Big Love Hennebach and Saunders explore different aspects of love, from romantic love to the complicated love between a daughter and father--"You were a miner all your life/But I never made you mine"--to something they call Big Love, the act of cultivating compassion--"Crude is surface, just have patience/Sinners will in time become saints/Watch for wild and willing angels/They will touch you with big love."

Big Love was co-produced by Jim Chapdelaine, Mark Saunders, and Margo Hennebach and features guest appearances by artists including Cliff Eberhardt, Seth Farber, and Stephen Nystrup and Stephanie Winters (The Nudes).


Margo: vocal, acoustic guitar, piano, organ,
Mark: vocal, acoustic guitar, feedback dobro, slide guitar, electric guitar, cymbal,
Tyler Van Ostrand: bass on "After All", "Big Love", "Prince", fretless bass on "Home At Last",
John Peckman: djembe, shekere, shakers, cymbals on "After All", djembe on "Preacher Hill", drums on "Big Love", "Home At Last", "Prince",
Dan McNamara: alto sax on "After All",
Seth Farber: accordion on "Preacher Hill",
Marshal Rosenberg: cymbals, tchotchkes on "Preacher Hill", congas, tambourine, film can & cymbals on "Charlie & April", triangle, cymbals on "Something So Special", congas, bongos, shaker & cymbals on "Miner's Daughter",
Joe Grieco: background vocals on "Prince",
Jim Chapdelaine: EBow guitar on "As I Roved Out", electric guitar on "Big Love" and "Prince", highstrung guitar on "Something So Special",
Diane Chodkowski: harmony vocal on "Charlie & April",
Stephanie Winters: cello on "Miner's Daughter",
Margo, Mark & Jim: Net No Nehs on "After All",
Jim & Mark: drum loops on "As I Roved Out",
Hand clapping, Finger snapping Big Guys: Jim Chapdelaine, Steve Nystrup, Ed McKeon, Tom Martello, Mark on "Big Love".

Album Credits

Co-produced by: Jim Chapdelaine, Mark Saunders, and Margo Hennebach

Engineered & Mastered by: Jim Chapdelaine

Recorded, mixed & mastered at: MultiMusic Services, West Hartford, CT

Additional recording at: Signature Sounds, Palmer, MA
Prime CD Recording, New York, NY

Additional engineering by: Mark Thayer and David Seitz.

The Looks:
cover cutouts by Margo
Layout design by Mark & Margo
Electronic pre-production by Mark
Photos by Timothy Mark Photography, South Glastonbury, CT

Cliff Eberhardt appears courtesy of Red House Records
Seth Farber appears courtesy of Red Wall Records
Stephen Nystrup appears courtesy of Rare Duck Records.