The Feldenkrais Method®: What is it?

"Feldenkrais…represents a revolution in human health."
Smithsonian Magazine

The Feldenkrais Method is an innovative approach to human development and learning. Dr Moshe Feldenkrais recognized that we possess a basic intelligence which constantly seeks simplicity, ease and pleasure in movement.

Drawing upon his diverse experience as a physicist, engineer and Judo master, Dr Feldenkrais created an elegant and pleasurable process for tapping into this innate intelligence and improving the quality of life. He discovered that by cultivating non-judgmental awareness of movement, feeling, and thought patterns, we expand our capacity for creative, effective and joyful action. When such action involves the whole self, stress and pain are reduced and breathing, posture, gait and movement capability are improved.

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"We improve our well being when we learn to fully use ourselves."
Moshe Feldenkrais