Functional Integration® and
Awareness Through Movement®:

You can experience The Feldenkrais Method® through Functional Integration® and/or Awareness Through Movement® which may be used alone or together.

Functional Integration is a one-on-one approach in which change and improvement is achieved through the use of passive movements and highly skilled gentle manipulation. Meaningful movement patterns are reintroduced that relate to biological development and functional tasks such as walking, sitting or breathing. They can also relate to more dynamic actions including playing an instrument, running, or riding a horse. Care is taken to connect what is learned on the table to everyday functioning and living, and each lesson is customized to your unique needs.

Awareness Through Movement consists of gentle, verbally guided exercises using unique movement sequences to address every area, joint and muscle group in the body as well as many aspects of human functioning. Students are encouraged to approach the movements with a sense of ease and pleasure, no matter how slow or small their movements seem to be. Improvement comes not from mindless repetition of an exercise, but from paying attention to and being with ourselves.

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"Movement is life."
Moshe Feldenkrais